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Fachada Casa Colombo

The Casa Colombo-Museu do Porto Santo wishes to become the main structure in a broader set of references, a manifold museum of Porto Santo history.

It aims at demonstrating the strategic position held by Porto Santo within the context of Portuguese expansion. It also documents the presence of Christopher Columbus in the Madeira archipelago, and the importance of that region for the preparation of the great voyages that lead to the discovery of America. Christopher Columbus married the daughter of Bartolomeu Perestrelo, the first Governor of Porto Santo.

The third section of the museum is dedicated to the shipwreck, near the northern coast of Porto Santo, of the Sloot ter Hooge galleon, property of the Dutch East Indies Company (V.O.C.), which was on its way to Batavia (currently Jakarta), in Indonesia. These three thematic sections evoke the way three major powers in world commerce (Portugal, Spain and Holland) succeeded each other.

Matamorras   Matamorras
A storage pit for cereals excavated in the subsoil either on the ground floor or on the adjacent belonging to the house.These Matamorra or pit granaries were lined with stones and a thick layer of straw or stubble to ensure good insulation. The entrance was made air-tight by covering with a large square basalt stone and sealing with wet clay. Matamorras were the collective granaries of Porto Santo, and some of them can still be seen at Vila Baleira’s Largo do Pelourinho.

There are 2 Matamorras in Casa Colombo and can be found in Temporary Exhibitions Room and in the Reception/Shop.



Da terra branca

Da terra branca
Teresa Segurado Pav„o
21 Sep - 31 Dec 2007


Estante Missal

Missal Stand
Japan, Namban, Edo period
Early 17th century
Wood, black and gold lacquer, mother-of-pearl and gilded copper fittings

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